Nose Job Turkey

Nose Job Turkey

The shape and size of the nose can have a big impact on the way the face looks, and because of this, some patients can be self-conscious about their nose. Whether through genetics, or a childhood accident such as a broken nose, there are many different reasons why a person may not be happy with the way their nose looks which could lead to a dip in self-esteem and drop in self-confidence. In this case, people can turn to a nose job in Turkey to help reduce or enlarge the size of their nose or shape it to look the way that they want in order to better complement their facial structure.

A nose job, medically known as Rhinoplasty, provides a surgical solution to issues with self-confidence due to uneven, damaged or unsatisfactory nasal structure. With rhinoplasty in Turkey, patients are given the opportunity to reshape and realign their nose in a number of ways to help enhance and balance out their facial features. Available as both open rhinoplasty, which involves a small incision between the nostrils, and closed rhinoplasty, which features small incisions inside of the nostrils, your nose can be altered to either fix underlying medical issues or to simply provide a more favourable look.

The nose is a central part of the face and for this reason, people are particularly conscious of how it appears. Therefore, nose jobs have become an increasingly popular and common procedure within medical tourism. A nose job in Turkey can consist of a number of different alterations, including a reduction, reshaping or in some cases, the use of implants to enhance portions of the nose.

The sections of your nose that can be treated as part of a nose job in Turkey include:

  • The Bridge – By removing bone and cartilage, lumps or a hump can be reduced or removed altogether. They may also break the bridge of the nose to bring the remaining pieces together.
  • The Tip – By reshaping or removing the cartilage at the tip of your nose, this can be lifted, lowered or reduced.
  • The Overall Length – By reducing the septum, a surgeon will be able to reduce the overall length of your nose.
  • The Width – By breaking the bridge of the nose, the pieces can be arranged further apart to create a wider nose, or limited to provide a slimmer look.

The ideal treatment for a patient can depend on the reason for their enquiry. While many people opt for rhinoplasty in Turkey to improve the look of their nose, nasal surgery was first introduced as a way to relieve issues with the sinuses or to repair an injury that has left lasting effects. If the nose has previously been broken, a nose job in Turkey could help to realign the cartilage and straighten out its appearance. Those suffering from issues with their breathing due to faults or issues in their airway can benefit from adjustments and reshaping to help them breathe better in the future.

The growth of the cosmetic surgery industry has also made nose jobs available to those who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose overall. It is advised that those seeking adjustments to their nose wait until it is fully grown, though this tends to be between the ages of 15-20 depending on genetics and gender.

PROCEDURE: Breast Enlargement
LENGTH: 1 to several hours
ANESTHESIA: Usually general
IN/OUTPATIENT: Usually inpatient
SIDE EFFECTS: Temporary bruising, swelling, discomfort, soreness, change in nipple sensation, numbness, permanent scar
RISK: Bleeding, infection, skin loss, asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation, replacement, rupture, capsular contracture
BREAST ENLARGEMENT RECOVERY TIME: Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks More strenuous activity: 1 month Fading of scars: several months to 1 year or more
RESULT LASTS: Varies on the patient. Gravity, pregnancy, weight changes or age may cause sagging

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