Breast Reduction Turkey

Breast Reduction Turkey

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Breast reduction surgeries have become an increasingly popular choice for men and women across the UK. For women, breast reduction surgery in Turkey allows for the relief of various symptoms including discomfort, aching and pain in the shoulders, back and neck due to excess weight all for an affordable, low cost. Women may also experience skin irritation between the breast and the chest wall, or at the location of the bra straps due to excess pressure.

Male breast reduction Turkey procedures offers men the opportunity to gain flatter chests in cases where they may be storing excess fat and tissue beneath their nipples. Between 40 and 60% of men will experience breast tissue enlargement throughout their lifetime and in the cases where this may be difficult to reduce with exercise or diet changes, a reduction can remove these tissue deposits.

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey, also known as mammoplasty, provides a solution to reduce aches and pains, as well as the opportunity to improve self-esteem. Surgeons can use one of a few different methods depending on the patient’s desired outcome, anatomy and the tissue needing to be removed in order to achieve these results:

Liposuction for breast reduction in Turkey may be used in cases where the tissue to be removed mostly consists of fat. This is particularly common for male breast reduction, even though it is equally as frequent in women who have undergone extensive weight loss, or pregnancy. Liposuction offers a shorter and far less invasive procedure when compared to incision methods, although it is only suited to those who need a slight reduction in size and minimal if any sagging.

The vertical breast reduction Turkey procedure involves creating lollipop-shaped incisions on the breast from which breast tissue can be removed. One incision is made around the areola, while the other runs vertically from this incision, down to the crease beneath the breast. By removing the tissue and fat, the surgeon can create a smaller breast while also providing a breast lift. While there will be scarring to consider with this method, it will only feature on the lower part of the breast.

The anchor method is similar to that of the vertical incisions but features a third incision along the crease of the breast. This method is particularly common for those seeking a more dramatic reduction in size, or for those who have notable sagging or asymmetry that they would like to correct. As with the vertical incisions, there will be scarring, but in both cases, this will fade over the following year.

Your breast reduction surgery in Turkey will take place under general anaesthetic and you will be provided with full overnight care for the hours following your surgery. Patients are provided will full aftercare instructions, including medication expectations, methods for reducing soreness, how to change your bandages and how to utilise the surgical bra.

PROCEDURE: Breast Enlargement
LENGTH: 1 to several hours
ANESTHESIA: Usually general
IN/OUTPATIENT: Usually inpatient
SIDE EFFECTS: Temporary bruising, swelling, discomfort, soreness, change in nipple sensation, numbness, permanent scar
RISK: Bleeding, infection, skin loss, asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation, replacement, rupture, capsular contracture
BREAST ENLARGEMENT RECOVERY TIME: Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks More strenuous activity: 1 month Fading of scars: several months to 1 year or more
RESULT LASTS: Varies on the patient. Gravity, pregnancy, weight changes or age may cause sagging

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