Ortaköy is one of the most picturesque locales in Istanbul, frequently photographed. The iconic vista features the Neo-Baroque style Ortaköy Mosque, Bosphorus Bridge and the Bosphorus Strait with Asia on the other side. With the ferries and cruise ships sailing along, the aroma of coffee and local delicacies create a unique atmosphere.


If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of how the locals spend their days and nights in Istanbul, Besiktas is where you would want to find yourself at. As a modern neighborhood, Besiktas is frequented by young Istanbulites, it feels like a city within a city. It’s a transit center for both travellers, and for cultures, as the lively streets of Besiktas are full of scenes and locales that represent what it feels like to live in Istanbul, and its vibrant nightlife is no different than any European capital

Dolmabahce Palace

Located near Besiktas, the Dolmabahce Palace has a special place in Istanbul. Its historical significance is as grand as its majesty, this landmark is one of the distinctive heritage sites of the city. The palace is filled to the brim with Ottoman style artwork and the whole palace complex reflected the wealth and status of the Ottoman sultans it housed until the founding of the republic. Included within the complex, is a clocktower and a clock museum which holds some of the masterful work of the London watchmaker George Prior.

Ciragan Avenue

The famous boulevard that connects many of the palaces, museums and universities in Istanbul starts from the Dolmabahce Palace and continues for 1.8 miles until Ortaköy. It’s a fantastic way to walk as there are many landmarks to be seen on the way, such as the Ciragan Palace.

To Eat:

Waffles and Kumpir

When you finish your walk from Dolmabahce Palace to Ortaköy, you should reward yourself with a sweet treat in the form of waffles. Freshly made to order, topped with chocolate, fruits, candies and nuts of all kinds, it’s an unforgettable taste. If you’re interested in something more hearty, try the kumpir, which is a baked potato filled with various toppings that you choose from.

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