Spice Bazaar

The smaller of the world famous Ottoman bazaars in Istanbul, the Spice Bazaar nevertheless has an enchanting atmosphere where the perfect souvenirs for your friends and family and Istanbul specialties can be found in the renovated market hall.

New Mosque

This 16th century mosque stands where the Galata Bridge connects the Karaköy to the Historic Peninsula. The tea gardens around the mosque, and the fantastic view of Galata Tower makes this landmark a must-see.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge connects Karaköy to the Historic Peninsula over the Golden Horn. While the current modern bridge was built in 1994, the first bridge in its place was built during the reign of Justinian I in the 6th century. The fishermen over the bridge, with many fish restaurants underneath make this bridge a popular landmark for locals and tourists alike.

The Piers

Karaköy and Eminönü on the other side of Galata Bridge have piers where public transport ferries drop and take passengers wishing to cross the Bosphorus Strait by sea to travel to the other continent in less than 30 minutes. A trip to Üsküdar or Kadiköy on the Asian side costs less than a pound, and gives you the opportunity to see Istanbul over the sea with a brand new perspective. Both Üsküdar and Kadiköy shores are hugely popular with the locals with their many historic landmarks as well as vibrant social life.

To Eat:

Fish Sandwiches and Güllüoglu

When in Karaköy, make sure to taste one of the most popular street foods in Istanbul: the fish sandwich. Made with fresh fish caught from the Bosphorus, it’s a cheap and healthy alternative to fast food. If you’re up for a dessert, visit the historic baklava bakery operating since 1871, Karaköy Güllüoglu. The authentic baklava that is beloved all around the world today, originates Istanbul, and their handmade baklavas remain one of the iconic components of Turkish cuisine.

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