Banks Street

Banks Street leads from Karaköy Pier to Galata Tower. Its striking resemblance to European style of buildings is no coincidence, as this street was famous for being the financial center of Istanbul in the Ottoman period, where many European descendants lived. Each building on this street has a history worthy of its own book. The beauty of this street is accentuated by the Kamondo Stairway with its unique design.

Galata Tower

This medieval tower built in 1433 has symbolized Istanbul for ages and it elegantly continues this duty today. One of the most popular choices for tourists, the Galata Tower is located in Beyoglu, one of the most unique neighborhoods of Istanbul. You can climb this tower to gain an unbelievable perspective of the historical city.

Musicians Street

This quaint, steep street connects the Istiklal Avenue to Karaköy and is populated by a multitude of art galleries, coffee shops and most important of all, music shops. Istanbul is known worldwide for its quality handcraft instruments, and this street is where you can find some of the masters of this craft along with their works.

Beyoglu Streets

Beyoglu is a special neighborhood in Istanbul. It’s a true melting pot of different people and ages. Modern offices where innovative start-ups are found by old wooden Istanbul homes and renovated antique shops, museums and some of the most prominent art galleries in Turkey.

To Eat:

Viyana Kahvesi

Located only a few steps away from the Galata Tower, Viyana Kahvesi is a European style dessert and coffee shop that became exceedingly popular in a short time, and for good reason. This coffee shop is the perfect stop to take a break between Taksim and Karaköy.

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