Plastic Surgery According to Doctors

Although it is quite common to hear the stereotypically ignorant comments about plastic surgery such as it being vanity or unnecessary, the attitude in the medical field could not be farther from this. Between surgeons and other medical professionals, plastic surgery represents one of the earliest and most prestigious fields of medicine.

Entry into plastic surgery residency is one of the most challenging endeavors where standards for applicants are extremely high, much higher than internists like cardiologists or general surgeons. Plastic surgery is one of those fields where mistakes and flaws are not acceptable. Therefore, expert surgeons are keen on only educating those whom they deem to have exceptional potential.

Earliest surgeries recorded in history involved a rhinoplasty. The ancient healer from 6th century BC India, Sushruta, describes an early version of rhinoplasty to alleviate problems, particularly respiratory problems, caused by a crooked nose. It’s safe to say the techniques have developed immensely since then, and the demand has only increased. Nowadays, plastic surgery reflects the pinnacle of expertise in surgical techniques.

As one of the most profitable and high profile fields of medicine, standards are unusually high. What might not be a big deal in a gastroenterology ward concerned with digestive tract, becomes inexcusable in plastic surgery. It’s not easy to work on celebrities, politicians and models who are in front of the screens every day of their lives, and make a visible mistake. Most cases, what you see on the screen, perhaps listening to a speech from an award nominee at the Oscars, is exactly what the patient has described to the doctor. Don’t be quick to judge, if one

prefers their soup too salty, and their cheeks too full with botox, it’s probably not the surgeons vision to begin with.

Despite what mainstream media often features for clicks, mishaps in plastic surgery are in fact exceptionally rare. There is certainly no way proper medical training and modern health standards would allow for such shoddy work to take place anywhere. It is very important to choose a plastic surgeon who has experience in their field but also has certifiable past career history, maybe in the form of before and after records or patient testimonials.