Back From A Holiday With Perfect Teeth ... from Turkey with Love!

A smile is the first impression we leave on someone. The secret to a perfect smile is with shining white teeth. While you are vacationing in the crossroads between Europe and Asia, in the magical city of Istanbul, you can be done with teeth whitening with bleaching in a mere 2 hours of therapy. No wonder bleaching is highly becoming the treatment of choice worldwide.

Bleaching, Why So Popular All Of A Sudden?

Bleaching is a treatment that must be undergone in a clinical setting, not a private office in the fancy part of the town, and certainly by certified and experienced dentists instead of people with transient yet flashy titles such as dental cosmetician or oral beauty technician and so on. Bleaching is a highly advanced treatment utilizing a reagent that upon activation by gels or by laser, it shifts the color of the teeth from within, bringing out the naturally white parts to the surface. A safe form of hydrogen peroxide use is involved in this operation. The whole process is completed in a single session.