Turkey remains one of the most popular destinations around the world for dental treatments abroad. This is the result of excellence in hospitality combined with advanced technology and expertise in the field of dentistry, with competitive prices. Compared with other countries including the UK, Turkey is able to offer the high standards of quality expected as in other advanced countries, without sacrificing affordability. Being in the middle of Europe and Asia, Istanbul combines the best of both worlds.

Here at Go2 Health, we carefully select only the most distinguished clinics in Turkey that have proved their excellent service and capability throughout the years. Significant experience working with clients from the UK, ability to offer English service, possessing the latest technology in dental treatments and a track record of excellent patient satisfaction are our criteria in selecting which clinics to work with. We make it easy for you to reach treatment in Turkey.

Upon contacting our patient coordinator, you will have the chance to go over every detail of our services, booking and payment. Your every need in Istanbul from traveling in the city to medications and services you might need are all taken care of by our English speaking partners. Furthermore, we provide translators and travel guides to enrich your Istanbul experience to the max. When you decide on the operation, we will make sure that you get an evaluation and a treatment plan from the dentist who will be performing the desired operation. This will make sure that everything is ready and set for you, and no questions will be left unanswered. In Go2 Health, we believe in full transparency with no hidden clauses, no hidden costs; when you work with Go2 Health, you can feel safe and taken care of.

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